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Massive Tech Complex Floated For The Red Hook Waterfront

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It seems that Italian developer Est4te Four has made it its mission to change Red Hook, first with its luxury condo development at 160 Imlay Street that brought the neighborhood a new slew of very expensive apartments (which is somewhat surprisingly 70 percent sold after just one month on the market), and now word comes that the group is planning a creative industries campus for the neighborhood. The massive, 1.1 million-square-foot complex—an area, YIMBY points out, that's equivalent to a "Manhattan skyscraper's worth of floor space"—will stretch between Coffey and Wolcott streets, and Ferris Street and New York Harbor. The complex will take over several pre-war brick buildings, and add space with glass toppers. Some of the buildings on the lot, like the New York Daily News's old printing press, will be razed. Architecture firm NBBJ is working on the project, which appears to also bring a waterfront promenade to the area.

Dry flood proofing techniques will be used to keep the flood-prone area from turning into an extension of the harbor come the next big storm. NBBJ, in collaboration with other industry specialists, is in the process of researching techniques for how to best storm proof the volatile area.
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160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231