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A Massive, Swoopy Manse; More Parking Garage Starchitecture

1) Star Island: The CEO of homebuilding giant Lennar is hoping to build himself some pretty sweet digs, with a giant underground garage, a moat-like pool, and a swoopy modernist design.

2) Lincoln Road: The most famous parking garage in the world, 1111 Lincoln Road, has just won a prestigious architecture prize and is celebrating with an addition by Herzog & de Meuron.

3) Mid Beach: Speaking of great architecture, the latest tower to be proposed at the Faena District is kind of a disappointment, considering the rest of the mindblowing architecture coming to the megaproject. At least it comes with the restoration of a beautiful old art deco hotel.

4) South Beach: The grandson of Abe Resnick, a developer remembered for his wanton demolition of art deco treasures decades ago, has proposed a hulking new building for Miami Beach's Art Deco District that at first look isn't doing the area any favors. More here.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]