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Oddly Named, Very Green Condo Building May Rise in PLG

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Is this weird green building what will finally rise at 186-190 Lenox Road near Rogers Street in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens? Something's been up at the site since 2008, when initial renderings for a new apartment building were spotted floating around the web. Since, it seems the lots have been put back on the market (although it doesn't appear that they've sold), and a Q at Parkside commenter notes that the houses that once occupied the lots were torn down years ago.

But if anything, permits filed in July 2013 prove that things are moving at the site. The permits indicate that a seven-story, 80-apartment building with parking for 40 bikes and 40 cars, and basement laundry facilities may rise on the lot. The new rendering, which refers to the building as "The Ballgreen Complex" is also a tip-off that things are gearing up to happen. Maybe architect of record Sandor Wiess of Gelu Durus Musica would be able to explain what a ballgreen is, and if the building is really going to be that unsettling shade.
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