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'Amity Street Horror' Townhouse Listed for $7.8 Million

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Just in time for Halloween, one third of the Cobble Hill building formerly known as the "Amity Street Horror" (also known as the Dudley Memorial Townhouse or the Lamm Institute or the Stanley S. Lamm Institute for Child Neurology and Developmental Medicine at Long Island College Hospital) has surfaced in townhouse form, asking $7.795 million. The large 1902 building at the corner of Amity and Henry streets (which, horrifically, sits catty-corner from the Long Island College Hospital) was converted into three townhouse-style units by architects Foster & Associates circa 2011. In 2012, one of those units was listed for $3.85 million. This one appears to be quite a big bigger, though, at 6,221 square feet with an additional 2,000 or so square feet of outdoor space in the form of a side yard and roof terrace.

· Listing: 110 Amity 118-AMITY-TOWNHOUSE [118amity, via Streeteasy]
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110 Amity Street

110 Amity Street, Brooklyn, NY