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$500K/Month Pierre Suite Is NYC's Most Expensive Rental

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The new most expensive rental in New York City (by a lot) is the 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel, which is going for $500,000/month. That is, just to be clear, one half of one million dollars every month. If one were to rent it for a year, it would cost $6 million dollars.

The 39th floor is primarily occupied by the hotel's Presidential Suite, which can be combined with the other suites to form a 4,786-square-foot 6BR/6.5BA. (The Presidential Suite by itself, which as a hotel suite goes for $20,000/night, can also be rented for extended stays only $400,000/month, if you want to live like some kind of peasant.) The official listing is now live, though the the Wall Street Journal was the first to publish a few pictures of what it looks like inside, which is... nice enough, we guess? [UPDATE: We have photos too now, and the floorplan.] According to one of the brokers, the rental will meet "a strong unmet demand [for apartments that cost the same as buying a new one-bedroom in Crown Heights every single month]." She continued, "It's hard to find a six-bedroom apartment with that kind of flexibility." Well, yeah.

The real selling points at the Pierre are, of course, all the crazy hotel amenities, which include twice daily maid service, elevator attendants, an on-call physician, two restaurants, a chauffeur-driven Jaguar, etc.
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The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065