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Clinton Hill Victorian Sets Neighborhood Record at $4.1M

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When this freestanding Victorian house in Clinton Hill hit the market last July for $4.5 million, the commentariat was not impressed. "I love my Clinton Hill," wrote one commenter, "but this will not get more than the single fam mansion on Grand that sold for 2.995." Another commented that it was, "Ridiculous how over priced this listing is," and a third, "let the pricechops commence..." Though the house was eventually delisted and put back on the market for a more reasonable $3.875 million, it has now, brokerage Realty on the Greene informs us, sold for a shocking $4.1 million. The sale has yet to hit public records, but if that number is accurate it would make this the most expensive house ever to sell in Clinton Hill, topping jazz saxophonist Brandon Marsallis's six-bedroom Victorian, which went for $3.75 million back in February.

Not only is 86 Cambridge Place the neighborhood's priciest, it is also one of the oldest. According to the press release from Realty on the Greene, parts of the rear section may have been constructed in the 1700s, with the bulk of the house being built in the mid-1800s and other additions being added up until the early 20th century.

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