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This Angular Tower Could Rise on FiDi's 19 Beekman Street

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The on-the-market lot at 19 Beekman Street has been given the "this could rise here" treatment. C3D Architecture designed the pictured mid-sized paneled tower which seems to exist mostly as a marketing tool for the site that currently houses a six-story office building, but could accommodate a 161,596-square-foot tower. Developer Roonie Oved purchased 19 Beekman Street for $11.2 million in late 2012, YIMBY says; it is currently listed (PDF!) for an unspecified price. Despite the site's lack of height restrictions, building rights allow a tower similar in size to the nearby 30-story, 168-apartment The Lara, or Naftali Group's in-construction 34-story tower of dorm rooms at 33 Beekman Street.
· First Look: 19 Beekman Street [YIMBY]