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Exceedingly Modern Staten Island Mansion Wants $4.5 Million

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Our weekly feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market in the far reaches of New York. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Tell us about it. To the outer boroughs we go!

Considering that the types of Staten Island houses that usually qualify for Monday Mansion status are coated in marble and chandeliers, here's something quite a bit different. This 7,182-square-foot, four-level, cliffside mansion is very modern-looking, with window walls, indoor terraces, an elevator, and a lot of white (including porcelain floors and a white piano that camouflages into the living room). The indoor pool is a highlight. It was put on the market a couple weeks ago for $4.5 million.

· Listing: 186 Flagg Place [Streeteasy]
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