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Crazy Karim Rashid Building Gets New Subdued Color Palette

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"Maybe with a different color people will think it is part of the neighborhood," HAP Investments' Eran Polack said last month of the ill-advised Karim Rashid-designed building that his company is constructing in East Harlem. The new color scheme debuted today, and, going by the rendering, it looks like HAP is also hoping that it will fit in more if you can't see what the surrounding buildings look like. The winning design (out of five choices) in HAP's online poll is white with magenta trim (or, as they put it, "Translucent Cirrus with graduated Magenta balcony trim"). 297 votes were cast, leading the Wall Street Journal to declare that the people of East Harlem "are OK with white balconies trimmed in magenta." Somehow, we doubt it.
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