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Historic Yorkville House Hides a Very Contemporary Interior

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From the outside, the 18-foot-wide house at 146 East End Avenue looks like a historic gem, with its stunning arched doorway and Queen Anne aesthetic, but on the inside, it's a sleek and contemporary space devoid of original features. The personality switch is the product of a two-year renovation by owners who paid $2.868 million for the place, originally built in 1882 by Lamb and Rich, just two years ago. They've now dropped the house back onto the market for $7.495 million (or $29,500 per month). The old listing photos show that the interior used to feature parquet floors, coffered ceilings, and a wood-paneled study and kitchen, but it's now been whitewashed with an abundance of cool, shiny surfaces—not that it's an entirely bad thing. Let's face it, no one misses that stained glass dining room ceiling.

· Listing: 146 East End Avenue [Core via StreetEasy]
· Rental Listing: 146 East End Avenue [StreetEasy]