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This is What Graffiti Mecca 5Pointz Looks Like Mid-Demolition

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The demise of 5Pointz, the Long Island City building that attracted graffiti artists from the world over, has been a long time coming since developer Jerry Wolkoff announced that he would be erecting two bland condo buildings on the site in what was becoming has become prime Queens real estate territory. Now, demolition has officially been underway since late August, but the spirit of 5Pointz more or less died when Wolkoff and his spawn guerilla white-washed the building behind a veil of police protection on a late November evening last year. Wolkoff's new rental buildings will have "dedicated graffiti walls" but we have a feeling the buildings will, at least in the beginning, end up with some errant paint on their bases. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York brings word of the demolition action on the site.

"Enjoy your legacy Gerry!," reads an across-the-street mural bemoaning the lost space.


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