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Big Reveal: $1.15M for a Two-Bed Brooklyn Heights Co-op

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In this week's Pricespotter, CountessLuAnne was called upon by another commenter to venture a guess. She answered the call and pretty much nailed it, so congratulations to the Countess not only on the very close guess of $1.129 million (actual asking price: $1.15 million) but also on the detailed and thorough breakdown of how she arrived at that figure. "I guarantee this listing is held by a 'friend,' or they interviewed several agents until they got one to list it at their ask rather than what's it worth," she wrote. "I totally agree with Captain Cranky, that a 'prewar elevator building in Brooklyn Heights' is code for over $1M." Honorable mention to Captain Crankypants, who was the runner up with a guess of $1.125 million.

· Listing: 62 Pierrepont Street #7B [Elliman, via Streeteasy]
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