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Check Out the Kitchens and Bathrooms in The Greenwich Lane

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While the renderings have poured in, we have yet to see actual photography of the interiors in the Rudin Family's massive The Greenwich Lane condo complex (200 residential units spread between five apartment buildings and five townhouses). Until now, that is. Interior Design magazine got inside some model units and also got interior designer Thomas O'Brien to sit down for an interview and explain a bit about his process. "There's an earnestness to it beyond the obvious drama of the site," O'Brien tells the magazine, reference the site's past as St. Vincent's Hospital. "This project is really my fantasy and story of New York."

With the Greenwich Lane interiors, O'Brien, who is known for mainly for the work that his firm, Aero Studios, does with lighting and furniture, attempted to blend history with modernity. "You have these overlapping eras that borrow from or echo each other, without being chaotic," he says, later continuing, "Greenwich Lane comes from the world of reference and history and classic New York, but I don't think it will feel old, or like a restoration. It is certainly new. It was important to keep a fluidity between the buildings, especially in the merging of the modern architecture with the older portions, that provides a sense that the site is real, had been here before."

Construction is currently in full swing (sales launched about a year ago, and are going well) and is expected to be fully completed in 2016.
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