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How A Decade of Building Transformed Tribeca's Vacant Lots

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[1 York Street in 2006 and today. All before photographs by Robert A. Ripps.]

Good thing at least one person thought to photograph all of Tribeca's empty and mid-transformation lots in the beginning of the century, lest future generations think the swanky neighborhood was always the stuff of broker and Sex and the City-fanatic fantasies. Tribeca Citizen compiled a slew of early 2000's shots from photographer Robert A. Ripps, noting that the "pace of change in Tribeca has been breathtaking, to say the least." Yup, seconded.

101 Warren Street circa 2006, and today.

408 Greenwich Street in 2006, and what's rising now.

1 North Moore, 2007 and now.

A mini condo building has risen on 137 Franklin Street, which was an empty lot in 2005. More "before" shots over at Tribeca Citizen.
· Tribeca's Decade of Major Transition [TC]
· Robert A. Ripps Photography [official]

137 Franklin Street

137 Franklin Street, New York, NY

One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013

101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013