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These Two Imagined Towers Could Transform Broadway

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Goldstein, Hill & West has been busy. The architecture firm has taken it upon themselves—whether under contract or independently is unclear—to design two towers for a stretch of Broadway near Central Park. The first, a 1,000-ish foot-tall, 80-story-ish tower was designed for 1710 Broadway at West 54th Street, a site that, as of 2012, reportedly housed the offices of Sean Combs (a.k.a. Puff Daddy) but was on the market. YIMBY spotted the rendering for the new building, that takes advantage of some of the extra 350,000 air rights on the Midtown block. YIMBY speculates the building could be a hotel-condo.

When the American Bible Society put their long-time headquarters at the corner of Broadway and West 61st Street up for sale in May, it was pretty much instantly recognized that the bulky concrete building probably wouldn't withstand its next owner, especially because a new structure could almost double in size to 300,000 square feet if rebuilt with the additional 120,000 square feet that belong to the lot. And here we have it: YIMBY also eyed-out a design proposal for the site by Goldstein, Hill & West which in no way includes it's current concrete structure. But for now the 40-story building is, at the very least, $300 million away from becoming reality. The lot is still under the ownership of the American Bible Society, who say the nine-figure ask will help them "further [their] mission."
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