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Swift Boating

Last week, Curbed National put together a list of weird stuff found in New Yorker (and Global Welcome Ambassador) Taylor Swift's many homes. Thanks to an article in The Post detailing a night of sugar-fueled debauchery for a select few fans at her Tribeca loft (or, what some might call the disturbing machinations of an eccentric millionaire), we can add a few more things to that list, including: A collection of books "whimsically displayed in birdcages", a signed Oscar de la Renta sketch of Tay's 2014 Met Gala gown, and a whole lot of personalized Le Labo candles that read "Taybeca" (a clever portmanteau!). Welcome to New York, Tay! Here's to many more years of collecting crap from Anthropologie! [NYP; previously]

155 Franklin Street

155 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013