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Neil Patrick Harris: Why I Bought Harlem's Priciest Townhouse

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Thanks to Harlem Gal, check out funnyman Neil Patrick Harris telling Charlie Rose all about why he "looked a little bit north" and decided to buy Harlem's most expensive townhouse: "I guess, why not Harlem? We like the city of Manhattan. We looked at places that were bridges away, but we kind of wanted to be in it. And I think for the most bang for your buck financially, Harlem is a pretty good buy."

NPH, his partner, and their twins moved into the four-story, 8,000-square-foot home at Fifth Avenue and 126th Street, which the procured for that record-setting $4 million, over the summer, and now renovations are going. NPH somewhat regrets having the family move in before the work was done, and does a pretty good imitation of a jackhammer interrupting his kids' naps. D'awww.
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2036 Fifth Avenue

2036 Fifth Avenue, New York NY