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Townhouse with Bathroom Chandelier Wants $8.7M in Flip

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The owner(s) of this 1899 townhouse at 522 East 87th Street (identified in public records as 522 87 Realty, LLC) nabbed it in 2009 for $2.75 million—a significant discount, as the property was originally listed for $4.25 million. Now, after a thorough renovation, they're hoping to turn it around for a big profit, having put the house back on the market for $8.65 million. In it's current form (you can see what it used to look like, sort of, in the tiny pictures that accompanied the old listing) the townhouse features an elevator, a master suite with a dressing room and wood-burning fireplace (there's also a functioning fireplace in the living room), and, perhaps most notably, a chandelier in the master bath. You know, classy stuff.

· Listing: 522 East 87th Street [Corcoran, via Streeteasy]