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New Lefferts Garden Houses Drop Terrible Name, Ask $1.5M+

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When four new townhouses on Hawthorne Street in Prospect Lefferts Gardens were revealed earlier this year, they came with the cringe-worthy name "Heights Park"—even worse, the marketing team tried to use the moniker to rename the entire neighborhood. (The press release actually said "A new neighborhood is actually taking shape in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and becoming known in inner circles as 'Heights Park.'") Thankfully, it seems that the Residential Development Group came to its sense and switched gears. The homes now go by their addresses, 274 to 280 Hawthorne Street, and new listings with Corcoran make no mention of "Heights Park." The four houses, all of which hold three units, have also been listed for less than expected. Originally, each house was to ask $1.875 million, now prices range from $1.495 to $1.695 million, and the cheapest, no. 278, is already in contract.

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