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Guy Who Built Treehouse in Backyard May Rent It on Airbnb

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Gennaro Brooks-Church did not exactly get on his Carroll Gardens neighbors' good sides in 2011 when he decided to dig a "man cave" in his front yard. So those neighbors are probably going thrilled to learn about his new plan to rent out the two-story treehouse he just built in his backyard on Airbnb. To be fair, Brooks-Church is only "semi-seriously contemplating using Airbnb" and doesn't want to ruffle any feathers, legally, at least. "I'm pretty mindful of staying within the law. I don't have any desire to buck the system," he told DNAinfo.

To be even more fair, the eco-friendly designer/contractor does some very cool stuff. The treehouse, which is made entirely of recycled materials that Brooks-Church found dumpster diving, features a planted roof, glass floors, and was built over three months. (Some of his other ideas, including a second-story chicken coop, planted walls, and a rope bridge leading to a crow's nest do not appear to have come to fruition... yet.) And although the man cave didn't work out, the backyard includes a bunch of other features, such as a 6,000-bee apiary, raspberry and blueberry bushes, and a natural pool.