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Rent Brooklyn's Sweet Gingerbread House For $26,000/Month

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Brooklyn's so-called Gingerbread House is not having such an easy go at the market. The cloyingly charming property at 8220 Narrows Avenue in Bay Ridge has failed to woo a buyer since 2009, resulting in a $1.5 million deduction bringing its ask down to $10.5 million in May, and now a $9,000 slice into its per-month rental price. For $26,000 a month, interested parties (preferably a duo of curious, snack-happy children) can now rent the 6,000-square-foot Arts & Crafts-style home. Like with that famous gingerbread house of lore, there's one catch here: the structure is landmarked and, as such, in need of constant upkeep. But really the home is so neat, with its undulating thatched roof, abundance of original stained glass, and intricate woodwork, that it's bound to woo someone some day.

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