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81st St. Mansion Could Be NYC's Most Expensive Townhouse

The opulent neo-Renaissance mansion at 24 East 81st Street may soon hit the market and become the most expensive townhouse ever in Manhattan, according to the Daily News. Technically, "townhouse" might be a bit of a misnomer, since the building is currently separated into six units and a restaurant, but it could always be converted. The price, the Daily News' sources say, would probably be around $65 million or $70 million, significantly more than the $53 million that investor J. Christopher Flowers paid for the current Most Expensive Townhouse back in 2006. (He later resold it to Larry Gagosian for $36.5 million. Investing!) If the mansion does hit the open market, it is not clear what would happen to Crown, the fancy restaurant that operates on the ground floor.
· Upper East Side mansion could break the record for the most expensive townhouse ever sold in Manhattan [NYDN]