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This Glassy Thing Will Replace Wood-Clad Boerum Hill House

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In a move that's become all too typical in classic Brooklyn neighborhoods where not every structure is encompassed by a historic district, a crumbling old house has been demolished, and what's set to replace it is something modern and glassy—something that doesn't look like it wants to play nice with its brownstone-y neighbors. Pardon Me For Asking spotted the rendering posted on scaffolding for 159 Smith Street, between Bergen and Wyckoff, and was appalled at its design. The old house was decrepit, PMFA acknowledges, "however, with its height, ornate cornice and window details, it fit perfectly between its two neighbors. Most importantly, it had probably stood there for almost a century." Now, "we can expect a rather bland 5 story glass box. Obviously, neither the architect nor the owner were going for 'contextual.'" Approved permits show it will include eight apartments as well as ground-floor commercial space.
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