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First Floorplan for the 'World's Skinniest Skyscraper,' Revealed

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Floorplan via 6sqft.

During a JDS Development Group presentation about 111 West 57th Street—which has been dubbed the world's most slender building—principal Simon Koster shared the floorplan pictured above. CityRealty's blog 6sqft picked it up, which confirms that each apartment will take up an entire floor. It's a two-bedroom that also has a media room, with the dining room, living room, and kitchen all taking up one open space and facing north to Central Park, while the other rooms have southern city views towards the tip of Manhattan. The SHoP-designed superscraper will reach more than 1,400 feet, but will only contain 45 apartments. There's also a rendering of the view from way up there.

This pretty neat diagram, which compares 111 West 57th to the MetLife building and the Chrysler, shows just how small the floor plate is. It's only 60 feet by 80 feet.

The curtain wall of this particular 57th Street tower—it's hard to keep them straight, after all, though handy visualizations do help—will be made of terra cotta panels and bronze filigree, giving it a a texture quite unlike its Extell-developed supertall neighbors (both existing and to come.)

Facade aside, yeah, the views look like they'll be pretty stellar.
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111 W 57th St

111 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019