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NYC's Oldest Women's Hotel Now Has Men, New Makeover

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The historic Martha Washington Hotel opened in 1903 as the country's first all-women's hotel and SRO. The Martha Washington met the increasing need for corridors where young women moving into the city for work—a new phenomenon at the time—could lodge safely (and purely) with the approval of their families back in the hinterlands, or so the stock-story goes. In its century of existence, the Martha Washington has played home to women like poet Sara Teasdale and actress Veronica Lake, and even now still accomodates some 40 or 50 long-term tenants from its days as an all-women's establishment. Purchased by Chelsea Hotels around 2012 (née King & Grove), the hotel got a rebranding along with its parent company in 2014. As part of that, the hotel in the haute NoMad neighborhood is getting an Annabelle Selldorf makeover (and not to mention, is now home to some of the city's fanciest pizza at resident Danny Meyer restaurant Marta.)

The renovation began in January and wrapped up on its main floor in September, but the reworking of its second floor entertaining space, with its 2,700-square-foot ballroom and 1,700 square foot terrace, is still in the works.
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