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Cornerspotted: Fiss, Doerr & Carroll Auction Mart on 24th St.

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This Beaux-Arts building formerly stood at 147 East 24th Street and served as a horse auction mart for Fiss, Doerr & Carroll, who advertised as "the largest dealer of horses in the world" in 1895. Built in 1907, the block-through building was linked by ramps to an adjacent stable at 155 East 24th Street. Horses for auction would be walked from one building to the next, where they would be paraded in the auction mart's huge interior rink measuring 65 feet by 197 feet. The mass production of cars put the horse auction business on the outs, and the auction mart was, ironically enough, eventually replaced by a parking garage.

The building was profiled in the New York Times' Streetscapes column in 1987, in the midsts of its preservation battle against Baruch College, who eventually tore it down to erect their William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus.
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