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This Rustic, Wood-Beamed East Village Duplex Wants $2.695M

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Maybe it's the animal skin rug or the exposed beam ceilings, but there's something very rustic about the appearance of this duplex four-bedroom apartment. But rustic-ness is something reserved for the countryside, where this apartment is not. In the countryside, this place, which is actually on East 2nd Street, probably wouldn't cost the $2.695 million it is asking. For $2.695 million on East 2nd Street buyers get some nice looking wood floors and ceilings, central AC, a wine cooler and a washer/dryer. $2.695 million in the countryside, on the other hand, buys 3,685 acres (about one-quarter of the island of Manhattan) and a tiny house.

· Listing: 211 East 2nd Street #4 [BHS via StreetEasy]
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