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Newark Airport Reveals Plans for Ambitious New Terminal

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Hey, JFK Airport, Newark Airport will see your "High Line" and raise you one gourmet food-filled terminal with an elevated Ramen-cooking platform, a webbed metal sculpture lit from the inside like a lantern, a "vertical park," and more, courtesy of architect David Rockwell (whose other credits include the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK and the Academy Awards). "We didn't really believe [United Airlines] when they said they wanted this," Rockwell told Fast Company. "This is really about pushing the boundary of these airport spaces and making them [spaces for] communal food and art." In addition to the architectural and sculptural elements, the new United Terminal will feature food from chefs such as Paul Liebrandt, Alain Ducasse, Dan Kluger, and many more. (Eater has the full list.) The renovation is expected to take 18 months, with the first restaurants opening in the summer of 2015.

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