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After Selling for $17M in July, 66th Street Mansion Wants $35M

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The historic French-inspired limestone mansion at 58 East 66th Street sold back in July for $17.15 million, having initially been listed for $20 million. But it looks like the new owner, a Connecticut-based entity known as Wb58e66a LLC, will not be adding his/her/their name to the list of notable former residents as he/she/they have already put it back on the market...for $35 million.

To recap: the previous owner, developer Zach Vella's wife, bought the house in 2008 for $14.5 million, gutted it, did not renovate it, and sold it for a couple million more than she'd paid. Now, the new listing says that the house could be delivered as-is, or with a renovation that "will be totally completed by end of First Quarter 2015." So far, however, no interior renderings or photos are available, which is too bad because we'd really like to see that "naturally [lit] swimming pool and gym."

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