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Tribeca Triangle May Get Makeover; Rocket Factory Lofts: DIY

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TRIBECA—A tipster sends word that an application has been filed with the city to upgrade the Barnett Newman Triangle, a.k.a. the concrete saving grace at the intersection of Church Street, White Street and Sixth Avenue out front of the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The application was filed by DDG Foundation, the non-profit arm of developer DDG whose Franklin Street development overlooks the intersection. Now this looks like a project the community can also get behind. Take a look at the first renderings for the proposal, above and below. [CurbedWire inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—When listings for the apartments at the Rocket Factory Lofts on South 4th Street near Berry Street in Williamsburg showed up specified as "open lofts" rather than the traditional one-, two-, or three-bedrooms, it was a little ominous despite word from reps for the project that the apartments would indeed be broken up. Now a tipster writes to inform otherwise,

Went to the Rocket Factory rentals on Saturday. They are indeed all
open lofts. If you want to create a bedroom or bedrooms you must pay
for the walls to be put up. The walls must allow for air and light.

The owners will in no way put the walls up for you. Sounds like a recipe for some really interesting problems.