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Upper West Side Penthouse with Strange Awning Asks $3.85M

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This three-bed, two-bath apartment, located at the very top of the Upper West Side in 329 West 108th Street, is not your average penthouse, which is not to say it isn't pretty cool. For one thing, there's the weird awning over the "kitchen/dining solarium," There are also the white concrete floors, which lend the whole room a sense of gleaming sterility, punctuated by bursts of color from the " custom stained glass mantel" and red-painted column and beam. And then there are the vaulted ceilings, which allow for an "angular skylight." The downstairs isn't pictured, but, according to the floorplan, it features a lot of closets. The whole place is asking $3.85 million.

· Listing: 329 West 108th Street #PHA [Brown Harris Stevens, via Streeteasy]