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East Village Local to Airbnb Users: You Guys Are the Worst

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From the front lines of New York City's War of Airbnb comes this note, posted in a 110-year-old tenement building on First Avenue near Sixth Street. "I know it puts me in the category of 'passive-aggressive note-posters,'" the author told EV Grieve. "I don't care anymore." And s/he shouldn't, if even half of the offenses listed here (click on the image to enlarge) are actually happening. We doubt it'll do much good, though. The type of person who smokes and litters in a hallway is not the type to stop and read an over-100-word note. Or to follow the rules even after being made aware of them. Or to have any sense of human decency whatsoever.

That said, if the purpose of posting a note like this one in your building is, as we've always suspected, less to actually solve the problem and more to just vent frustrations, then this is definitely one of the better angry neighbor notes we've seen around these parts. It's visually appealing, grammatically sound, all caps (of course), logically organized, and really as long as you're not chastising people for smoking weed or listening to music, you're doing alright. If we have one nitpick, it's that it could have been a little more concise.
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