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Checking In On Williamsburg's Flea Market-Eating Rentals

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Rentals at Leonard Pointe, Williamsburg's newest mega-development at 395 Leonard Street, launched last week, bringing a few new renderings for the project to light. Rentals currently listed on StreetEasy start at $2,400 for a studio, $2,949 for a one-bedroom, and $4,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. The development took over the former lot of the Meeker Flea Market, a site origin the building has, according to a press release, striven to honor,

Leonard Pointe site was previously home to a popular Flea Market and while neighborhood residents were sad to see the market go, Durukan Design responsible for the Exterior, Interior, and Landscape Design of the building, strived fervently to design a building that fit in seamlessly with the historical, industrial, and character filled [sic] of the area. The building at the corner of Leonard and Richardson Street has a personality all its own, dissimilar from any other building in Williamsburg (but really, with the proliferation of new rental and condo buildings in the neighborhood, is that even possible anymore?),

For the Interior Design of the building, Durukan Design continued with an industrial rustic approach. In an effort to keep the building authentic and reminiscent of the local factory industry they allowed for exposed conduits, wire, and piping to be strategically displayed, almost as artwork, throughout the entire building. Furthermore, in lieu of traditional artwork, the hallways, kitchen and amenities feature stylized graffiti wall coverings that are evocative of local street art. 23 of the buildings 188 apartments have already been rented. Move-ins will start around December 1.
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