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After Not Selling for $1.8M, Fidi Condo Tries Again at $3M

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[UPDATE: The brokers have reached out to inform us that apartment actually did sell the first time around, for $1.725 million. The renovation completed by the new owners includes all new white oak floors throughout, redoing the whole kitchen with all new appliances, all new bathrooms, bringing down walls, and more.]

This duplex loft in 170 John Street was on the market from November 2013 to June 2014 asking $1.8 million. It didn't find a buyer and the listing was taken down, but now it's back, asking $3 million. That's the spirit! To be fair, the apartment has been remodeled in the intervening months, with ceiling beams painted, floors re-floored, kitchen opened, and brick exposed (and then painted). Still, a 67 percent price increase is pretty hefty (it went from $923 per square foot to $1,439) and it's not like the place looked so bad beforehand—if anything, it might have had a bit more character (although the kitchen was certainly problematic).

· Listing: 170 John Street #3E [Elliman, via Streeteasy]