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Mapping the Wi-Fi Coverage of NYC's Pay Phones of the Future

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This week, the city unveiled its plan to turn the city's 6,000 defunct pay phones into little boxes of helpful technology that do things like provide super-fast free Wi-Fi, free domestic calls (albeit through a public speaker), charging stations, and screens with "access to city services" and directions. Naturally, the inquisitive data grapher over at I Quant NY saw a golden opportunity to map the city's surprisingly still-robust amount of pay phones (not including the additional 1,600 boxes vendor CityBridge will be adding), and discover the neighborhoods that will be benefitting the most from the undertaking, called LinkNYC. Unsurprisingly, Manhattan will have the most thorough coverage, and it looks like Red Hook residents will all have to hover within 150-feet of the neighborhood's single pay phone to reap its benefits.
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