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Being Leonardo DiCaprio's Neighbor Now Costs $10M Less

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The sprawling, 7,693-square-foot penthouse in Delos Living's health-centric Village development didn't find a buyer who's $50 million-worth of excited over the apartment's unique amenities, including vitamin C-infused showers, circadian rhythm lighting, posture supporting floors, and a built-in herbarium. After some five months on the market, the crowned jewel of the six-apartment building at 66 East 11th Street has met the pricechopper, bringing its ask down to $39.8 million, WSJ reports. The penthouse is still amongst the most expensive apartments on the market in the city, and comes with the distinct amenity of rubbing shoulders with other owners in the building, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio and New Age guru Deepak Chopra.

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66 East 11th Street

66 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003