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Neighbor Sues Mario Batali for Restaurant's Noise, Smell

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Living right next door to a famous fancy restaurant might sound like pretty nice amenity, but not if you're retired oil executive Nurettin Akgul, who owns the brownstone next to celebrity chef Mario Batali's Babbo in Greenwich Village. When Batali was applying for a zoning variance earlier this year, Akgul made him promise that his restaurant wouldn't make noise or smells. But Batali pulled the old bait and switch and created a restaurant with noise and smells. So Akgul just sued Batali for $10 million alleging that "[t]he humming [from the restaurant's air conditioners] is so intense, I cannot even open my window in the back" and "I can smell everything they cook, the garlic, and when they use chemicals to clean the exhaust dust we get the stuff in our windows. It's really a nuisance." Yeah, sounds like about $10 million worth of nuisance. The garlic!
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