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Developer's Ridiculous Lawsuit Dismissed; Jonah Hill's Pad

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HARLEM—A judge has thrown out the lawsuit filed by misanthropic real estate developer Don Capoccia, in which he sued the residents of one of his buildings for complaining about his shoddy construction that resulted in leaking roofs and other structural deficiencies. "This is a victory for these tenants and for others who feel intimidated by powerful real estate interests. The Court has made clear that it will not tolerate frivolous lawsuits meant to intimidate the public from complaining about unfair housing conditions," said Yetta Kurland, an attorney for the tenants. [PR Newswire; previously]

SOHO—After testing the waters in August by listing his two-bedroom Soho co-op for $3.8 million, actor Jonah Hill has had a change of heart and pulled the apartment off the market. Hill bought the apartment in 2012 for $2.65 million. [NYDN; previously]