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Nassau Street May Be Getting an 800-Foot Tower by ODA

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Here's a shocker: a Nassau Street site that could hold a large residential tower will, indeed, hold a large residential tower. New York YIMBY learned, in some unspecified way, that the property at 75-81 Nassau Street, purchased in June by Lexin Capital, is destined for an 800-foot tower designed by the prolific ODA. No new building permits have been filed, nor have demolition permits for the existing buildings been filed. Originally, Crain's speculated that the site could hold a structure up to 108,000 square feet, but Lexin also picked up no. 83 Nassau Street and the development rights for no. 85, so we're now looking at an even larger project, possibly more than 200,000 square feet.

No renderings have been released, but ODA's Facebook page has a photo of a group looking at renderings of what is likely to be this site. Only the top of the tower is visible, but the Fulton Center is visible at the ground level in one image, while the Woolworth Building is in another, clearly indicating that these people are looking at some Downtown development.

The rendering looks incredibly familiar, but we can't place it, or think of what it reminds us of. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments or hit up the tipline. It appears to have cut outs filled with greenery, as well as a planted rooftop. It does not appear to be made of a bunch of cubes, as so many of ODA's designs are.
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