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Schumacher Sheds Its Scaffolding To Reveal Restored Facade

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Noho's quirky condo development The Schumacher finally shed the scaffolding that's been surrounding the building since pretty much forever ago. The milestone marks the end of the building's major facade restoration, wherein workers scraped some 50,000 layers of white paint off of the former factory's red bricks. The building's pediment, which mysteriously disappeared sometime in the past, was also brought back using another, similar design by architect Edward Raht. The handsome building at 36 Bleecker Street was once the home of Schumacher & Ettlinger printing factory, and is in the midsts of a conversion to 20 rather pricey apartments developed by Stillman. Only one of the building's released apartments remains unsold: the $10.5 million three-bedroom 5C. Some of the building's larger units, including a penthouse and one of its "mansion" apartments, will come to market in 2015.

↑ This 1940 tax photo of the building shows that it's pediment had already disappeared by then.
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The Schumacher

36 Bleecker Street, New York, NY