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Sting's Old Brentmore Duplex Finds a New Owner for $17.1M

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The 6,000-square-foot Brentmore apartment that Billy Joel and Sting once called home (at different times) has yet another new owner. Billionaire Michael Naify paid Sting $17.5 million in cash for the pad in 2010, but then tired of it three years later and tried to sell it for $21.5 million. That didn't work out, along came the pricechopper (twice), and now some unidentified member of The 1 Percent has bought it for $17.1 million, according to public records spotted by the Real Deal. The Brentmore is packed full of rich, famous people—Annie Leibovitz and Robert De Niro rest their heads here—so the new guy will have plenty of interesting neighbors.

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88 Central Park West

88 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023