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Big Reveal: $1.95 Million for a Greenwich Village Co-op

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Yesterday's Pricespotter, a one-and-a-half-bedroom co-op in Greenwich Village, flummoxed some commenters with its high maintenance costs—"Who can afford the monthly maintenance fee of $2,542???" wrote one. "Yikes, that is expensive. Who is their doorman, Bob Hope?" A number of commenters were able to guess pretty close to the actual price of $1.95 million, however, among them, NYC.ME ($1.92 million), Benjamin1983 (1.9 million), and br77 ($2.05 million). Congratulations, all.

· Listing: 61 West 9th Street #7C [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
· Pricespotter archives [Curbed]