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Residential Tower at 118 Fulton Street Could Look Like This

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The Lightstone Group bought the massive property at the corner of Fulton and Dutch street for $63 million in 2012, and initially planned to build a 48-story apartment tower at the site before flipping it to California-based Carmel Partners for a $171 million. But it appears that before the flip happened Lightstone had architects Gerner Kronick + Valcarcal draw up plans for a larger tower, around the same size as the one that Carmel is now planning. YIMBY spotted those renderings for the 60-story structure in an animated video. They show a large base topped by a soaring tower with a wave-y pattern running up its length, as well as a roof terrace with some pretty killer views. Carmel has yet to announce their specific plans for the new building, or file any new permits, but it seems likely that they will pursue something along these lines, if not this exact design.

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