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Wolf of Wall Street Character's Real Life Party Pad Chills Out

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Alan Wilzig, a shiny motorcycle collector who was the real-life basis for a minor character in The Wolf of Wall Street, listed his absurd Tribeca maisonette himself last month, asking an inexplicable $43.5 million. Very explicably, the apartment failed to sell, and now Wilzig has allowed the 7,500-square-foot apartment to be listed by an actual brokerage... for $43.5 million. Guess they couldn't talk him down.

Pricing aside, this listing is much more professional than the previous version, as the photos show the actual rooms instead of close-ups of Wilzig's many bikes and cars (as well as his bright orange tanning bed). It's still pretty difficult to imagine the place getting anywhere close to the asking price, but the high-end real estate market in Manhattan is full of surprises these days.

[UPDATE: A tipster points out that brokerage Allure also has the listing.]

[UPDATE UPDATE: As Wilzig himself points out in the comments section (and in an email), this is actually an "open listing" where any brokerage is free to list the apartment. In addition to Allure and Citi Habitats, there are listings on Trulia, Halstead and others.]

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