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Video Shows Mystery Tower Trumping Empire State Building

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New York YIMBY unearthed a video on a architectural rendering firm's Vimeo page that shows a tower taller than the Empire State Building rising on the Midtown South/NoMad block bound to the south and north by 28th and 29th streets, and to the east and west by Fifth Avenue and Broadway. YIMBY's sleuthing shows there is currently no such tower planned, at least to the point of Department of Building permit filings. So the site, its owner, and whatever dreams the developer has of building the neatly visualized skyscraper all remain a mystery. The 42-second AJSNY video takes us on a slow-motion flyover that starts just southwest of the Flatiron Building and then lopes north along the western edge of Madison Square Park until we pass directly by the nameless, hypothetical tower, revealing its glassy black facade with gold zig-zags and triangular embellishments. Any thoughts on what this project might be? Direct them to the tipline, please.

Hey, girl.

S300_LongApproachFromSouthSunset_2014-09-04 from AJSNY on Vimeo.

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