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Bushwick Townhouse with Wacky Facade Wants $1.299M

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Welcome to the Brooklyn Townhouse Roundup, where we—you guessed it—take a look at the most notable Brooklyn townhouses on the market. Got tips? Send 'em here.

↑ First up is this little two-story townhouse in Bushwick. The house has a crazy facade with a neat mural and currently houses two families. There's a nice-looking garden and though the listing markets the house as a development property, it would be a real shame to knock down this unique building. It's asking $1.299 million.

↑ Up next is this mixed-use warehouse in Bed-Stuy. It's currently configured as two residential lofts and commercial space, with over 8,730 square feet and up to 11,000 square feet of air rights. The first floor appears to house a hot yoga studio, which would allow you to become a near parody of gentrification. It's asking $6.25 million.

↑ Finally, in Cobble Hill, this brick townhouse is asking $3.3 million. The place has hardwood floors, marble fireplaces, and tin ceilings, as well as a huge, landscaped garden/patio.
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