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Bonkers New Flatiron McMansion Will Have Two Hot Tubs

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Skyway Development Group is going to build a ridiculously lavish townhouse on West 21st Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and for the first time unveiled renderings of what that home will look like. 34 West 21st Street will have the following, in order of prevalence: seven floors; six bedrooms; six bathrooms; four powder rooms; two hot tubs; one glass elevator; one sauna; one steam room; one home office; one private garage (with a curb cut included); one garden; and one roof deck. Interiors of the 8,000-square-foot giantess will be designed by Andres Escobar, who has places like the Jade hotel and other moderately nice designs to his name.

Here's the kicker: the architect is Karl "Hot Karl" Fischer, better know for designing blocky Brooklyn rental buildings and other non-attractive structures. But Fischer and Escobar have worked together before, and the results are sort of palatable and definitely luxurious, so let's see how this shakes out.
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