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New York Is Not the Most Expensive Place To Rent In America

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Back to turn some assumptions about renting on their heads and to affirm others—intrigued yet?—rental listings site Zumper is out with a new report (warning: PDF!) about nationwide trends for the month of October. For those interested in the broad view, just know that New York City is actually not the most expensive place to rent in America. That honor title goes to supply-starved San Francisco, with a median one-bedroom going for $3,370/month, compared with NYC's $3,000, Boston's $2,330, Washington D.C.'s $2,070 and Chicago's $1,790.

Don't shout "We're Number 2!" from any water tower-laden rooftops too loudly, though, because when you break down New York City by neighborhood, our most expensive areas totally trod all over other cities'.

Proof: here are the rental breakdowns for one-bedrooms in New York's five most expensive neighborhoods: Tribeca, $4,270/month; NoMad, $4,200; Flatiron, $4,150; NoMad, $4,000; and Noho, $3,900. Without further ado, all of the charts (click for big!).

Checking out the bottom of the list, the places to move for cheap rent are Riverdale, Woodside, Rego Park, Bed-Stuy, and, well, Greenwood Heights (if that's even a real neighborhood).

And here's how all the cities in the U.S. stack up. Compare and contrast, please.

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— Top photo of Tribeca via Curbed Flickr Pool/vivnsect