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Neighbors Finally Win the Epic Battle To Raze a Hideous House

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After eight years of protesting the eyesore of a house in their midst, residents of the Homecrest area of Brooklyn have at last emerged victorious: the bane of their existence has finally been demolished. Called hideous—nay, a "tower of terror"—the unfinished, never-lived-in structure on East 12th Street was a top-heavy giantess on stilts on top of an existing bungalow that towered above the block of petite, normal-looking homes.

Two neighbors filed suit, alleging that the white monstrosity was not an alteration to the house as had been claimed in building permits but rather a new structure, and a judge ruled in their favor. Despite an appeal that left vilified owner Joseph Druzieh and architect Shlomo Wygoda in the clear, the Buildings Department ultimately laid their hand on the side of the disgusted neighbors. And now the house is gone, and instead, there's a vacant lot to worry about. The lesser of two evils, to be sure.
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