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Big Reveal: $715,000 for a Furnished Beekman Co-op

Every guess on this week's Pricespotter, a one-bedroom co-op in an Emory Roth building in Beekman, was high. That means that the winner is the commenter who guessed lowest, and that turns out to be perennial Pricespotter heavyweight Captain Crankypants, whose guess of $722,500 was only slightly above the actual asking price of $715,000. "The furniture must be worth $2k in donations, but it will cost $400 to move it out," the Captain wrote. "The floor plan is really a poor use of space. The installation of a powder room would be great, but as mentioned, board approval and all that structural business."

· Listing: 414 E 52nd Street #12G [Anchor, via Streeteasy]
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